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All-Star Membership

This membership is designed for the ball player who wants to take their game to the highest level possible utilizing data from the Hittrax batting machine. Plenty of different options to choose from Homerun Challenge to Hitting Contest mode. Hit at different college and pro stadiums to see how you stack up against others. You also have the unlimited access to normal cages as well throughout the month. Limited to 30 mins per visit for Hittrax and one hour for regular cage use. You have access to unlimited performance classes which you will increase your speed, agility and strength working with our certified trainers. Classes are Mon-Thursday along with having open gym access where you will have customized workouts prepared for you by our certified trainers.

These classes give centered redundancy through tee penetrates and short Throw. Short Throw incorporates situational hitting and serious drills. The tee work is explicitly intended to reinforce the player’s capacity to make the actual crucial changes for their singular swing.

The hindering drills will assist the person with understanding what sort of impeding style turns out best for him. The main perspective to the basics of obstructing is to decrease the possibilities of the player getting harmed. The drills will likewise further develop the players speedy jerk muscles to assist with stimulating their responses when expected for obstructing.

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